Oops! Copenhagen Edition

I’m starting a series on my blog called Oops. Here I’m going to write about funny stories or experiences, or complete failures, from each of the places I have traveled. Luckily, I have not experienced too much of the latter (yet). Hopefully you get some amusement out of it, and are able to learn from my mistakes 🙂

  1. Make sure you confirm your date and time of your arrival with people you are staying with/ have plans with. This way, they won’t show up to the airport a day before you arrive and worry that you didn’t make it.

  2. When in Copenhagen, renting a bike is a definite must. Just make sure that this bike fits you. This way you won’t have to worry about knocking into other bikers or stumbling around at intersections. Also, don’t bike in front of cars. You will get honked at.

  3. Learning how to read a map is an essential part of travel. Learn how to do it. You will save yourself so much time, I promise. Realizing that you have been biking past the same area for the past hour is not fun, especially when you’re hot, tired, and hungry.

  4. Cats are loud animals. The loud bang you hear is not someone breaking in, just a hungry cat looking for some kibble.

  5. Most underground train stations have two entrances. Remember this next time so you don’t end up standing on the wrong side of the platform, waiting for a train that is actually supposed to show up on the opposite side.

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