Thrifting in Copenhagen

If you are looking to do some thrifting while in Copenhagen, be prepared to shell out some cash. Many of the thrift stores I came across were selling trendy, second hand pieces for a price much higher than that of a Goodwill or any other thrift shop of that kind. If you don’t mind the prices, you may be able to find some very unique items. All of the stores that I went into were organized in a very similar manner. Each had a different section per clothing type: leather pants and skirts, flannels, Levi jeans, fur lined jackets, turtlenecks, unique sneakers, and other seasonal styles. This eliminated the struggle of having to search through piles of clothing to find what you are looking for. Many of the clothes were not something that I would have been prepared to pull of on any normal day, but I did enjoy browsing through what they had to offer. After trying on a few pieces, I reluctantly decided that both my suitcase and my wallet would be better off if I did not buy anything. Despite this, I did enjoy visiting these stores and exploring the surrounding neighborhoods. Below I have listed some of the thrift shops I went into, in order of most to least expensive, and what I thought about each of them.
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
1. Thrift World
One of my favorite shops, this little boutique sadly comes in as the most expensive. The selection here was much smaller with only about 5 or 6 rack of highly curated clothing. Located in the Vesterbro neighborhood, a bit farther from the center of Copenhagen than I normally venture, it was a new area for me. If you are looking for more luxury second hand clothing, without having to sort through bins of clothing, I would recommend this store. I tried on a pair of pants for 300 DKK, almost $50, and a shirt for 200 DKK. Neither seemed worth the price tag, but if you have a bigger budget I would recommend the trip. Additionally, it was a good way to see a part of the city that I had not yet visited.
2. Episode
This shop was filled with a huge selection of clothes, and it was probably the most overwhelming store of all those I visited. Most of the clothing here was very trendy, young, and alternative. If you are looking for Levi boyfriend jeans (which I was kind of in the market for) you will find quite a collection here, but at 250 DKK, they do carry a hefty price tag for a second hand clothing shop. Though this shop was expensive, they did have a lot to offer and the surrounding area seemed to be full of many young people. The neighborhood itself was surrounded by trendy coffee shops and cafés, along with four or five other thrift shops in the neighborhood.
3. Wasteland
This was the first thrift shop that I visited (recommended by, and one of my favorites. I love the name and the atmosphere of the store, and while they did have large selection of clothing, I found it to be less overwhelming. I saw quite a few items that I really liked here, but with prices only slightly less than those at Episode, I did not make a purchase here. Again, if you are looking for Levi jeans or other vintage jeans, this would be worth the visit (jeans here were also 250 DKK) and it is located just a minute from Episode.
4. Prag
Once again, this thrift shop brought me to a new part of the city. I found that there were many unique styles here, and they had a few more and different options than Wasteland and Episode, which seemed to appeal to a younger and more of the mainstream alternative group of people. Jeans here were listed for 220DKK, so a bit cheaper than some of the previous stores, but not by much. Though, some of the clothes had extra 50% off stickers, which made Prag a bit more appealing. The slection here was less organized, so that meant more sorting through, but overall the selection was pretty good. After trying on a few items, I decided on a pair of sunglasses (not secondhand) and a patterned turquoise scarf, retiring the pair of blue shorts that I was considering. Although this shop was a bit farther from the central part of the city, I would recommend paying a visit.
5. Thrift Shop on Ryesgade
Lastly, my favorite thrift shop. Sadly, I did not get the name of this store as I had come across it by pure chance when exploring the Nørrbro neighborhood. Although, I do know that it was located on a street called Ryesgade. This shop was more like a Goodwill, offering more than just a selection of clothes. Although the items were not curated to match today’s trends I found quite a few items of clothing that I liked. Additionally, this thrift shop had a more familiar feel to me, as I was used to shopping in my local Goodwill. Here I found a pair of nice pants for the great price of 25 DKK, or $3.90. I was so happy with that I had come across this store. So, if you are looking for an extremely budget option this is a great pick. If this is more of the kind of shop you are looking for, I would recommend searching up some of the local Red Cross centers, which I assume are very similar to this little shop.


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